A young and dynamic team

A story coming from far away

the time he met Francisco Popo, just a few months before passing away, surprisingly the pope kissed his hand.

The main idea of the Vazapp project has been drawn by don Michele de Paolis, a priest that dedicated his life to give a new future to young people. He partecipated to many projects, in Latin America and in Capitanata area: Emmaus community, Don Bosco village, and lately the Terra Promessa association, born to give young people a new awareness about their own land. He was a smart guy, he was reading ebooks, using Facebook and meeting young people into pubs.

Together we co-created the project and we shared the dream with the following words:


“We see a possible future for our land. We see young people that do not bag themselves but create guestrooms to host people from allover the world.
We believe into this future because it leaves already in our present, in the hearts of all the people loving our land, the Apulia region”

Don Michele de Paolis - G. Savino


There is no future without a full awareness of “where we are going”

In his vision there were two fundamental elements: to trust young people, to help them believing in themselves to give them hope and dreams. Vazapp is grounded on this vision and it creates human relationships to give a sparkle into every young enthusiast’s life.


Relating each other humanly make you grow in love too. What is crucial in our lives is the joy from our relationshisp. Nothing of this will never be broken down. Do not sleep, do not live without being aware of this. do not live without understanding that every moment of your life is an event.

don Michele de Paolis