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The Dinner series for young farmers and those that want to get into farming

20 dinners, 20 farmhouses, 20 young farmers each dinner. The format is called #contadinner 20 20 20. The three numbers indicate the number of guests, the number of farmers involved, the number of farmhouses hosting the dinner. The dinner is the best situation to increase trust and make farmers discuss and meet. They share umanity, life experiences, knowledge about proctices and technologies, innovation awareness and projects.

The #contadinner format is a motivational experience leading to aggregative decision making, increasing the level of trust and starting new collaborations. Elsewhere, none of them would have been in touch. During the format a questionnaire based survey allows getting data about motivation, opportunities and threats, perception of markets and policies.

#contadinner ends with the subscription of the “young farmer book”, a shared document that puts together the “voice” of young farmers, their needs and experiences.

Data Luogo
17/02/2016 San Giovanni Rotondo
29/02/2016 Stornarella
09/03/2016 Zapponeta
21/03/2016 San Severo
30/03/2016 Cerignola
09/05/2016 Orta Nova
14/06/2016 ROMA (rinviata)
27/06/2016 San Nicandro Garganico
29/06/2016 Ascoli Satriano
13/07/2016 Foggia
23/11/2016 Linea Verde - Foggia
17/03/2017 Biccari
07/04/2017 Apricena
19/05/2017 Stornara
14/07/2017 Bovino