Sexual confusion: the “Mating disruption” technique in the vineyard

#ciucciottoday is a format dedicated to farmers and future vinegrowers. The meeting aims at informing and making partecipants practive on the “mating disruption” technique in the vineyards.

The first part of the day is dedicated to deepen the knowledge about the use of this biotechnological approach to control pests without the use of pesticides. In fact, the technique allows the disorientation of males moths and reduces reproduction, thus the development of other generations of moths.

After the meeting and the practice, the lunch in the vineyard, the day ends with a peer to peer comparison and the analysis of the effects of the applications. The coordination of the event is made by agronomists and researchers.

#ciucciottoday starts as baseline of informative days oriented at increasing the level of knowledge, coherently with the objectives of the EU CAP, on sustainable techniques with respect to environment and consumers.